IRD International, with decades of experience on vibration monitoring and protection systems, is dedicated to provide specialist instrumentation for vibration displacement, pressure, speed monitoring protection.
Our provide a wide range of monitoring protection devices, various types of sensors, and related accessories. We also provide professional design solutions, field installation services, and remote assistance.

Our products are widely used in chemical, electrical, mining, metals, oil & gas, and other harsh environmental industries because of their high reliability, high anti-interference, ease of use, and other characteristics.

Our association sources are established, prosperous, and put through a rigorous vendor evaluation process. We follow strict guidelines for quality control and factory inspection procedures.

The product satisfies and surpasses API 670 standards. We guarantee excellent dependability since every device undergoes many quality tests for EMI, EMC, dry heat, damp heat, and vibration before to shipment.
Any concern about the choice and application of IRD products.
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