7725/X 4U Mounting Frame
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Back Board

Item No.: Back Board
Machinery Condition Monitoring Back Board
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  • Provide external terminals for inputs and outputs
  • 7700 series Machinery Condition Monitoring to provide a combination of positive power and negative power supply power supply.

1. IRD1700 series sensor, Use Back-board 7799V-, -24V The sensor power supply, 
2. ICP sensor, Use Back-board 7799V+,+24V The sensor power supply, 
3. Mixture of ICP sensor and sensor, Use Back-board 7799PXXXX,

 IRD7799PXXXX :P(PLUS), Order to:

Code meaning

Each channel power supply


-24V The sensor power supply(Use: The eddy current sensor)


+24V The sensor power supply(Use: ICP sensor)


Sensor less power supply