7777 Electronic Overspeed Detection and 3 Comprehensive System
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Item No.: 7777
The 7777 are multi-channel condition monitoring systems. They are specifically designed for ease of use and each channel can independently set to be used to electronic overspeed detection and 3 comprehensive system.
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Description Specifications
__ Radial Vibration
__ Acceleration
__ Velocity

Each Overspeed Protection module accepts a single transducer signal from a proximity probe transducer or magnetic pickup. The input signal range is +10.0 V to -24.0 V. Signals exceeding this range are limited internally by the module.

Power Consumption:
8.0 Watts, typical.

Output Impedance: 
550 Ω.

Transducer Power Supply:
-24 Vdc, 40 mA maximum.

Input Impedance: 

Voltage Compliance (current output):
0 to +12 Vdc range across load.
Load resistance is 0 to 600 Ω.

+4 to +20 mA. Values are proportional to module full-scale range (rpm). Module operation is unaffected by short circuits on recorder output.
Signal Conditioning:
Specified at +25°C (+77° F).

Arc Suppressers: 
250 Vrms, installed as standard.