IRD 7700 Serial Configuration Utility
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IRD 7700 Serial Configuration Utility

The 7700 Serial Configuration Utility is a 32-bit Windows® application program that allows you to configure and view live data from any 7700 module. The 7700 Series from IRD International is a family condition monitoring and protection modules that operate both in stand-alone applications or integrate with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and control system networks.
     The Serial Configuration Utility runs as a stand-alone program on a computer connected directly to an 7700 module through a special cable. The cable connects to the computer’s serial port, and to a MIN USB port on the 7700 module.
     The Serial Configuration Utility can operate either online or offline.
  • Online: You connect the computer running the Serial Configuration Utility to an 7700module using the special serial cable (Cat. No. 7730). The connector that inserts into the computer’s serial port is a USB connector.The connector that inserts into the module is a USB Mini-B male connector. You can then directly configure the 7700 module.
  • Offline: You create and save an 7700 module configuration to a file. Later, when you are connected to the 7700 module, you can open the saved configuration file and download the configuration to the 7700 module.